X157 Dev Notes

One simulant attempts to share insight with others.

Welcome to X157 Dev Notes.

For the past few months I’ve been working my way through UE5’s Lyra Starter Game, learning both Unreal Engine and Lyra simultaneously.

In an attempt to save fellow simulants some discovery time, I’m hosting some notes here that I hope will be useful.

I’m an expert C++ developer who has mentored developers and team leaders, but I had ZERO experience with game dev or UE5 going into this.

UE5 Lyra Starter Game

My primary focus at the moment: Developing a Game with UE5 LyraStarterGame

This led me to study these related, relevant UE5 topics:

Video References

If you’re looking to learn more about UE5, particularly related to LyraStarterGame and related engine concepts, check out my video annotations:

Epic Developer Discussions