X157 Dev Notes

One simulant attempts to share insight with others.

Make Your UE5 Game from Lyra

Don’t start from scratch! Start from Lyra.

Epic suggests using this massive starter game framework for new games, and seeing all of the things that they’ve already done for us, it’s not hard to imagine why.

This thing is PACKED full of things that every game NEEDS but that isn’t the least bit fun for devs, especially hobbyists like myself, to implement.

The cost to us is simply to learn how they’ve put things together, and furthermore how to extend the framework they’ve built.

Ready to create your own LyraStarterGame project?

Lyra Concepts

Lyra Gameplay Systems

Bug fixes:

Works in progress:

Module Dissections

In an effort to understand the material Epic has provided us to start with, I am dissecting the GameFeature plugins they shipped to understand what they do, how they’re similar and how they differ from one another.

Module Description
ShooterCore Base framework for a shooter game
ShooterMaps Implementation of ShooterCore
TopDownArena (coming eventually)


As I learn more about LyraStarterGame I’m keeping a list of references.